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The Inside Scoop on Book Clubs

Structure: The first thing to think about when starting or joining an existing book club is that it should be fun. Now to the nits and grits... Traditional book clubs are a group of people who meet in person, read the same book(s) and discuss it at regularly scheduled meetings. These tend to be small groups and while they are more personal, you are limited in variety of views and perspectives. What are the dates and times of your meetings? Will they be monthly, bi-monthly, or even shorter? Where will your book club meet? At someone's home, in a church, at a restaurant or meeting hall. Does it rotate for each meeting. Will it be at night, during the day or on weekends? How long does each meeting run? Are they structured such that you can come and go early or late and not miss the critical book discussion. Be sure your schedule fits with your book club to get the most enjoyment out of it. is a great way to keep track of these crucial details and let every member immediately see what is upcoming. Back to top

Online: With the wide spread use of Internet, there are now many online book clubs and forums available on almost any topic and type of book. There are general interest, specialty interest and even Oprah's book club. These are generally very flexible and you can visit them at your own schedule. You get a wide variety of discussions and experience. You can even join a book club from another country. However, online book groups certainly lack the social interaction and closeness of the traditional book clubs and any individual person has little vote on the book to be discussed. Another version of online book clubs are sites that are designed to allow you to purchase discount books. Some bargains may be found and this is another resource for picking interesting books for your upcoming meetings. And, speaking of online, is the best site to administer the workings of your local book club. It has all the organizational details covered, including a direct link to the developers for special requests that may apply to your specific book club. Back to top

Food: Many book clubs serve food, some being just snacks, some pot luck and some being elaborate cuisine. Some book clubs meet at restaurants and you need to figure the meal/drinks cost factor into regular attendance. One book club has their meeting/party to discuss it at somebody's house and the hostess prepares food in the theme of the book - something creative to do with the subject or locale of the story. Wine and cheese also work well in some settings. is also a great place to share your prized recipes with your fellow Booksters in the Club Notes section. Back to top

Leaders: Does your book club have a leader or does everyone just jump in and have a group discussion without one? You probably need someone to act as leader, or at least secretary to keep track of the upcoming books picked, places and dates, etc. and disseminate that information to all the book club members.This is especially helpful for those who may not have been able to attend the last meeting. Again, is the perfect place to manage all of your book club details, even pictures of your fun meetings. Back to top

Picking Books: Some book clubs are specific about the type of books they want to read. Fiction or non-fiction, period pieces, women's books, history, classics, best sellers or only those that you can get enough copies at the local library for everyone. Lots of book clubs pick books from recommendations of a member who has read it and really liked it, or those recommended by trusted sources. Usually this involves the group as a whole voting to narrow down a pool of suggestions made by various members. Some book clubs pick current event books or those that can relate to what's happening in society today. Books that have been well received by other readers and critics will likely make good choices, so best seller lists and book reviews can be great resources for book clubs in search of titles. You can also look at online book clubs, where past reading schedules and reviews of past books are often posted. Back to top

Timing: Some pick only the next month's book ahead of time and some pick the entire year's books at the beginning. A good idea is to pick at least three months worth of books ahead of time, to give everyone the time to get the books and read them, especially if you select lengthy books or have a long library waiting list for the books. You may even have multiple books for a month to get various sides of a story or spread the perspectives of a subject. For instance a meeting choice of the Robert Caro books about Lyndon Johnson could specify read one of the three. Some book clubs rotate and have each member pick a book, but this can be tricky if you all have different tastes in books and are not willing to invest your reading time in a book that you are not interested in. However, one of the good things of belonging to a book club is that you will be introduced to books you’re unfamiliar with and books that you would probably not have picked on your own. Back to top

Discussion: Questions about the book and the characters is another area that varies with different book clubs. Some have study guides and handouts, and some have structured questions about each book and it's characters. There are many online sites that provide reading group guides and discussion questions. Some reading groups just have open discussion where anyone justs asks the questions that they are interested in and the group loosely moves around the discussion of the book. There are certainly combinations of the above styles. No way is better than another, they are just varied ways that book clubs work. You should be comfortable with the style of your book club to enjoy it. Back to top

Perspective: Realize that even though you probably are all reading the same book, everyone will bring their own spin on it depending on their prior experience, frame of mind when reading, what else is going on in their lives at the time, age of the readers, etc. So, while some may love the book, others may hate it and all for different reasons. But, this makes for lively discussions and also for insights into your fellow book club readers, who if not already, will probably become great friends.Back to top